Virtual patient helping dentistry students in Karagandy


Dentistry students in Karagandy getting trained to cure teeth in virtual reality. Special equipment was bought to teach future dentists.

The specialists say that equipment costs more than 28 mln tenge and has no analogies through country. Left lever serves as a mirror and right as a work tool. Speed of drilling machine is regulated by treadle. Patient’s oral cavity is on the screen and it’s easier to control virtual patient than the real one. Every tooth can be displayed on the screen separately.

Ruzilya Garifullina, student of General Medicine and Dentistry faculty:
– It’s really close to real conditions. Levers restrict the motion, when tools abuts the tooth, so it just stops in space.

The tip of the drill can be moved in three dimensions and can feel the touch to the tissues, as in a real operation. But the main advantage of a virtual patient is longevity. Phantoms, so dentists call training mock-ups of the jaw, wear out very quickly.

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Gulshat Kemelova, Director of Practical Skills Center: 
– After one session of tooth preparation, they fail and need replacement everytime. In 3D mode, you can repeat skills many times, and a large number of students can work out the same skill but still teeth do not deteriorate.

There is also an automatic assessment of students’ skills. Teachers can evaluate students online. By this time Karaganda is the only city using such equipment.